News : Do you have a standard Will Service ?

Do you have a standard Will Service ?

Yes, the 'Wills" menu item at the top of the page takes you to our Professional Will Writer.

With our Will Writer you can start making your standard Will which means you can produce the same quality and legal document that will be produced by your Solicitor, for a fraction of the price. Solicitors have for many years been providing standard and non complex Wills for 'non standard' pricing, and of course they have been charging high fees for storage and acting as Executors.

We do not charge you anything extra for digital storage of your will, and we do not act as your executors, we are a full service Will and Digital Afterlife Service that keeps all of the control with you of your wishes, constantly changing and being updated at no extra fees.

You can produce your will, come back to it and decide at any time what level of service you want, be it a document download, print and bind, and storage, its your afterlife - have it the way you want.


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