Add, edit and upload your Digital assets (iTunes, site logins, Photos, Video, Diary and any other type of Digital assets) to your secure area. Decide who should have it on your death , and How - by email, post, twitter.

Any method you choose.

Set up your 2 Digital Executors with secret 16 digit Action code

On your death Digital Executors enter their secret codes into a secret location

Your wishes are executed automatically

You add to your list of a Digital assets anytime in your life

You control what happens to your Digital assets

Choose an Action







You control who the Digital Asset is sent to. Create as many as you like.

Choose a Recipient



Cousin John


Friend Simon

JCP Solictors

How much does it cost?

Free forever!

  • Setup your details
  • Upload your Will and other important documents
  • Add or make your Digital Assets lists with photos, videos, emails, sites, social accounts, obituary, netflix, itunes, headstone etc.
  • Make a Video, take a Photo
  • Write an online diary and much more

Only £119.99 Once, Forever!
or £5.99 per month

  • Add your two Digital Executors, send them their 16 digit secret codes to action your Digital Asset wishes upon your death.
  • Access the simulation function to see in summary who will be sent what, and how
  • Activate your Digital AfterLife Manager for the rest of your life

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